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Taking Care of Your Equipment and Supplies

Taking Care of Your Equipment and Supplies (13 min.) Chemicals cost a lot of money. Equipment and supplies also cost a lot of money. Of course, these supplies are necessary, but they are some things you can do, to help reduce waste and associated cost of these materials. It's your responsibility to properly store, use, handle, and maintain cleaning supplies and equipment. That''s what this program is all about: taking care of your equipment and to use the appropriate materials for the job and of course, to reduce the waste, loss, and damage.

Topics included in this safety video are: inventory system, use the materials properly, supply and storage areas, oily rag storage, spontaneous combustion, equipment tips, different types of brushes, brooms, dust mops, wet mops, using chemicals, buckets and ringers, power equipment, industrial polishers and buffers, third-prong on the electrical plug, and appropriate protective equipment.

Program comes with a CD-ROM of written materials, including test questions and answers. English title also includes PowerPoint presentation.

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