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Truck Mounted Cranes

Truck Mounted Cranes (26 min.) Cranes are important pieces of equipment that are carefully designed and manufactured. When used properly, cranes provide a safe way to lift objects, and truck mounted cranes can be especially useful because they are mobile. However, cranes can pose many safety hazards. Cranes can tip over or contact electrical power lines. There is also the potential for moving or falling objects to strike workers, which is the leading cause of crane-related fatalities. Operators must be properly trained and everyone on the jobsite should be familiar with truck mounted crane safety. This course will describe common truck mounted crane types and components. The main focus of the module will be on the safe operation of truck mounted cranes.

Topics Covered:
  • Identify common truck mounted crane types
  • Identify and describe the purpose of common truck mounted crane components
  • Describe crane lifting principles
  • Demonstrate how to interpret load charts
  • Describe the importance of lift planning and identifying possible site hazards
  • Explain crane operation safety guidelines
  • Demonstrate proper communication using voice and hand signals
  • Describe the purpose of crane inspections and the recommended frequency of inspections
Based on:
  • ASME B30.5
  • OSHA 29 CFR 1926 Subpart CC

Program comes with a printable test, answer guide, and completion certificate.

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