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Storm Water Pollution Prevention

Storm Water Pollution Prevention (20 min.) Stormwater runoff is the result of precipitation created by rain or snowmelt flowing over any exposed surface, such as equipment, roofs, roads, and pastures. As the water flows over urbanized and industrial areas it has the potential to pick up a number of contaminants like oil, sediment, chemicals, and litter. This water is then transported to nearby waterways. Polluted stormwater draining from urbanized areas is one of the leading causes of water pollution in lakes, streams, and oceans. This course describes the legal provisions related to stormwater pollution prevention as well as structural and operational best management practices at facilities. Topics covered in the DVD:
  • Identify causes of stormwater pollution 
  • Describe legal provisions related to stormwater pollution prevention
  • Explain goals of a stormwater pollution prevention plan, or SWPPP 
  • Describe best management practices, or BMPs
  • Distinguish structural BMPs from operational BMPs 
  • Identify common structural BMPs and their methods 
  • List operational BMPs and key procedures 

Based on:

  • Clean Air Act
  • EPA Regulations
  • Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act

Program comes with a printable test, answer guide, and completion certificate.

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