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Hearing Conservation

Hearing Conservation (22 min.) Protect one of your most valuable senses with a better understanding of the anatomy of the ear, how sound works, how the ear interprets sound, the effects of noise on hearing, and annual audiometric testing. Learn how to avoid occupational hearing loss by choosing and using the right hearing protection for your job, such as ear muffs and ear plugs. Included in the DVD:
  • The properties of sound 
  • The anatomy of the ear
  • How the ear interprets sound
  • The difference between types of noises and their impact on hearing
  • Hearing loss and how to prevent its
  • The requirements of a hearing conservation program
  • The advantages and disadvantages of ear muffs versus ear plugs
  • Noise hazards and appropriate hearing protection selection

Program comes with a printable test, answer guide, and completion certificate.

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