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Hearing Conservation and Safety Retraining

Hearing Conservation and Safety Retraining (18 min.) Hearing injuries/loss affect all types of people in all types of jobs. Injuries frequently occur both on and off the job, and can have a dramatic effect on our ability to perform our work and function in our personal lives.

Most injuries to our hearing are "noise-related", and virtually all types of hearing injuries can result in hearing loss. While hearing injuries often do not receive the "publicity" other types of injuries get, over 10 million people in the United States currently have a measurable hearing loss.

MARCOM's refresher training products on "Hearing Conservation and Safety" give employees the information they need to refresh their knowledge of OSHA''s Hearing regulation... as cost effectively as possible. Topics covered in these products include:
  • How our ears work.
  • Potential effects of hearing damage.
  • Common types of hearing damage/loss.
  • Common causes of hearing damage/loss.
  • Noise avoidance and hearing safety practices.
  • Selection and use of personal protective equipment.
  • and more.

Kit comes with a comprehensive leader's guide, reproducible scheduling/attendance form, employee quiz, training certificate/log, 5 posters, and 30 employee booklets. DVDs are indexed for easy navigation and include subtitling for the hearing impaired.

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